Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I want a brand new combine harvester.

They rock! Off to the Three Counties Show last weekend. An event filled with cheese competitions, sheeps, swollen pigs bollocks, and "I don't think you can know too much about ferrets really". A Ferris wheel to excite junior, Welsh longbow and coracle stands to excite me and muscley farriers to excite Mrs smahman, dirty girl.

mmmmm tempting
However even I draw the line at £350 for some medieval weaponry, especially as arrows are NOT included. Next stop the country pursuits village, and a fantastic display of falconry. "The interesting thing about the Harris Hawk is the female is more donimant than the male." I must use that phrase more often in everyday life.

Best of all:

"Now that was a great display of working shire horses, but next up is a lovely vintage tractor parade, which should be well worth stopping around for...."
"Hold that, the vintage tractors is cancelled because aparently earlier today someone broke into the tractor compound and stole all the diesel, so sorry that's your lot for today."

I love my home town.



Blogger searleyeditor said...

Have they accepted bummers in your community yet? Oh and why didn't I get sent a piece of your wedding cake which is traditional for non-attendees. Also, apparently if you put a piece of wedding cake under your pillow you'll dream of your future husband, imagine what they're going to think though when they find flat cake all under your pillow. Freak.

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