Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What have I created!

I am a geek. This is well known, but sadly I seem to have infected my wife. We were enjoying a walk last night along the ridge of the hills, when she went quiet. After a bit she told me that it was not worth driving the extra distance to Morrisons to fill up the green car, as the price differential with the local garage was not great enough to offset cost of driving the extra distance. It is however worth it in the blue car, which has a larger tank and runs on diesel.
That 86 pence is in safe hands. Look what I have driven *ahem* her to.



Anonymous Kenny (Me) said...

Is this the first time that you've used the words, "my wife" in your blog?

I hope you're both well - it would be good to meet up soon.


7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my wife... my wife....
so, so, so
sniff, sniif
I Loveyou

3:00 AM  
Anonymous bonna said...

Is there a conspiracy to stop me seeing your wedding photos? No luck so far from you, caroline, parsons or richie...are there any? Were cameras banned to stop the paps getting in and undermining your 'Hello' contract? Were you having someone do watercolours and oils of the days events instead?

Please send me some or I'll go and cry in the corner.

12:15 PM  
Blogger smahman said...

Bonna. We are on it. but have no-where to host them. All the official snaps were done on actual film, and are not done yet.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous bonna said...

thanks.....sorry for hassling. hopefully see you in the summer? we'll be in chipping norton for a few weeks borrowing a friend's house as staying with my mum in leamngton will drive me totally nuts. more than happy to come and have a look round malvern...........

1:16 PM  

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