Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And who the HELL are you?

Bosky has a new friend.

It lives in the mirror in our bedroom, and no matter how much she encourages it, won't come out to play. She finds this massively confusing, and keeps running into the bathroom that backs on to the mirror and finds it even more confusing that the strange dog isn't there either. It takes several trips back and forth to confirm this.

She can spend some time in front of the mirror making increasingly agitated noises.
It clearly doesn't help her addled canine mind that we are in BOTH the room with her and the mysterious other room AT THE SAME TIME.

However it could just be that she is extremely vain and keeps popping to the bathroom to spruce up.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Train Train!

Coming drive me round the bend.

What IS IT with train announcers. It's all very well telling me there is a quiet carriage where WE SHOULD KEEP NOISE TO A MINIMUM. But if you point this out loudly and at great length* at EVERY STOP it kind of negates the concept of having one.

*seriously 2 full minutes of drivel about safety cards, familiarize yourself with layout, available in Braille, snack carriages, station stops, STATION STOPS?!, the full list of station stops, quiet carriage location, smoking is banned ad nauseam. ect ect.

Is this a bet?

It never used to be this way, can it all just FUCK OFF from whence it came.

Monday, March 03, 2008


I will soon be behind the wheel of this.

What I won for a weekend in a prize draw.

They probably think I am rich and will buy one after enjoying "the ultimate driving experience" and appreciating its balance and poise. A more likely scenario, is that the combination of my complete lack of driving ability, and very powerful car will result in it getting wrapped around a tree in a matter of seconds.

Get in!