Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Work Cover Artist!

I just read this.

It is a tale of human strength and resistance. Set in an unknown Northern village, it tells how, despite the oppression of an un-named invading force, the spirit can never be fully crushed from the beaten inhabitants. People endure, permanently and with dignity.*
They handed this brief over to the illustrator who thought, "hmm how can I best represent that?" Thankfully he didn't make this work from Nobel Laureate John Steinbeck come across as a cheap tawdry potboiler.
* Yes I know it was written in '42 and as such predates the Nobel prize, and is also anti Nazi propaganda. But let's be clear, he casts his net wider than that and is careful not to explicity mention who the two sides actually are, thus making a bigger, longer lasting point about humanity. No Cannery Row to be sure, but still pretty good.


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