Monday, August 27, 2007

Beyond the wit of any man.

We were watching this on ftn yesterday. I consider myslef a reasonably intelligent person, but cannot for the life of me work out what is going on with 3-2-1.
Yesterday people named fruits and vegetables for which they were rewarded with money, then there was a series of god awful "entertainment" a comedian, who wasn't and some pointless interminable dancing. After that people came on with a mystery item, said some words which Ted Rogers repeated about 8 OR 9 TIMES, then at the end they won a fridge.
What does it all mean?
When I was a child I remember liking Dusty Bin, but have no idea why. Apparently at its peak 16.5 million people watched this, which is not bad for avant garde surrealist theatre.
Please can someone explain it. Bullseye I understand - this is just nonsense.
If you don't believe me just read the bit about the WISHBONE!


Anonymous GiantWeazle said...

Anyone who claimed to understand 3-2-1 was lying. It was the same with Twin Peaks and the Ulysses cartoon.

9:53 PM  
Blogger smahman said...

I just noticed I am not clever enough to spell myself correctly. Nuts. What about the mysterious cities of gold?

8:55 AM  

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