Monday, June 04, 2007

Those swines at the imdb removed my comment...

Heaven forbid anyone criticise Christianity. Literally. It is after all a system of belief which cannot be backed up, but yet is afforded some kind of mysterious exemption from dissent. If the Christians' system of belief by some miracle ;-) turns out to be true, Pullman will burn in the eternal fires of damnation anyway. Isn't that punishment enough? Here's an idea, how about you shut up and FORGIVE HIM, or did that tenet pass you by?

Is that really so offensive? I thought it was a valid point.


Anonymous GiantWeazle said...

You've made the same schoolboy error that I made and got yourself involved in serious debate. Stick to what we know best, making stupid and trivial comments. Maybe we could have some fun with them though.

8:39 PM  
Blogger searleyeditor said...

I agree with giantweazle, except I'm not even capable of serious debate in the first place. Bring back the puns I say.

11:02 PM  
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