Monday, October 30, 2006

Amelia Anne is at it again.

They have been digging a hole at the end of the road for ooooh about 8 years. No idea how deep it is yet but when I walked past today I SWEAR I could hear digeridoos.

This is part of the antipodeans' underhand invasion plans - you gotta watch em. New Zealand population of 3 million my arse, there are more than that in my office.

And another thing - those pissed Scotsmen that turn up everywhere. Faking it. FACT. Once they have enough in every major city, on a secret signal they will rise up and take over the world.

Don't say I didn't warn you when your kids are being force fed deep fried heroin.

See, this is what evil dictators look like these days.



Blogger Diary Cow said...

Have a good look for the vase, no-one else will understand the ref.

6:28 PM  

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