Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oop Oop!

I did go to monkey world the other day, it was ace. There were monkeys and apes and lemurs. Favourites were the stump tailed macaques with their little red faces, but Orang Utans are still the daddy of the ape world - FACT. No piccies - sorry.

But best of all, due to my ongoing leg issues I was allowed to use a proper spaz chariot to get around the park.

If you go backwards down quite a steep slope and then engage full forward you come within a gnats whisker of tipping the damn thing up, which I found endlessly entertaining, as did junior who hitched a ride for most of the day.

For her (and secretly, me) it was the best bit of the day, even if our combined weight often slowed us to a crawl on hills.

A close second was trying to explain the workings of evolution to a six year old. WHAT! Granny's mummy nused to be a monkey!



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