Monday, July 03, 2006


Whilst hanging out the washing (I'm good like that you know) I realised the other half's pants are, by some margin, smaller than her 5 year old daughter's.

That can't be right can it?

Especially considering her bra can sometimes resemble a well known Eco attraction.

Are you going pick that up love?

N.B. she does NOT HAVE 3 tits.



Blogger Rod Biscoe said...


Thank you for the kind words. It reminded me of something my grandmother used to say, except her words were never kind. They were just words.

Rod Biscoe

P.S. Rod Biscoe's Blogspot “It’s Delicious.”

P.P.S. Can I ask how you came about my blog? I'm always curious.

P.P.P.S. Finally, I'm getting ready to post another conversation. This one is with a young lad named Killa. Killa, among other suggestions, has told me to commit suicide. I have yet to oblige his request. Anyway, you can be among the first to read it if you allow me to place your e-mail address in my Blog Update List. I promise to only send you Blog Updates (about 1 per week), and the occasional request for large donations of money.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Rod Biscoe said...


Thanks for the link. May the moon faeries and butterlillies always smile on you.

That's something we say in America.

Best Regards,
Rod Biscoe

4:13 PM  
Blogger Rod Biscoe said...

I agree (about including the invectives), but it's hard to do that AND keep my blog family-friendly...especially when the chap speaks so "lovingly" about a family member of mine (albeit a non-existing family member).

Honestly...he had one e-mail that was just horrible (the one I had to censor the whole thing). That's why I'm thinking maybe I should go back to e-mailing more women...they tend not to get as riled up.

Thanks for the comment

2:22 PM  

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